Wound Care

Nurse healing an old man

There are many kinds of wounds and different causes as well. There is no general care for every type of wound. Every one of them has special ways of assessment, care, and healing process. Our skilled nurses have the dexterity in identifying and taking care of wounds. Among its initial phases are:

  • Characterize the wound
    • Know the size of the wound
    • Know the depth of the wound
    • Identify whether the wound is necrotic or viable
    • Note of the surrounding skin condition
  • Make sure of its proper oxygenation
  • Provide nutrition
  • Treat infection
  • Remove foreign substances
  • Dampen
  • Place moist dressing
  • Manage pain

Whether it is an acute surgical wound, trauma wounds, burns, chronic wounds, pressure injuries, or infected wounds, we can definitely help relieve its discomfort, cure and avoid infection, and aid recovery.


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